Covershot Tips for Beginners


Your covershot is the first thing a potential buyer will see when shopping on Poshmark. Think of a covershot as the "profile picture" for your item. A poor covershot could cause a potential buyer to swipe left, so to speak, on your item. Use the covershots tips below to sell your items quicker! 


Good lighting produces great photos. But you don't have to go out and buy an expensive lighting kit in order to take great photos. 

Natural lighting works great when photographing for poshmark. Not only is it easy to use, it's free. On the flip side, natural lighting limits when you are able to photograph. Mother Nature can be as dependable as that guy you dated at 18 to piss your parents off. 

Another option is an artificial lighting source. One of the benefits of this is you can literally photograph ANY time of the day. Lighting kits can also be pricey, take up a lot of space and be more difficult to set up though. 

In the beginning, utilizing the tools you have available to you, free, may be the best path. 

Take your photos in a sunny spot in your house, but not in harsh sunlight. Try setting up your item different times of the day to see when and where the lighting is best for you. I find it's best to do photos in the morning since the morning sun is not as harsh. To me, the ideal weather conditions are days that are slightly overcast, even cloudy, since this produces a more neutral, balanced light, but bright enough to illuminate my item. 


Simplicity is key. You only have a few seconds to catch your buyers eye when they are scrolling through search results on poshmark or their news feed. Crisp photos with a clean and clear background help get more eyes on your item. For flat lays, you can use a simple background like a posterboard, rug or other clean surface. If you are using modeled photos make sure the background is tidy. Things as simple as an unmade bed, dirty clothes on the floor or last nights take-out can turn a buyer off. If you are using a dress form or hanging your items, use your wall as the background, no need to go out and buy a backdrop. Below are some simple covershot examples from items I have sold in the past from my Poshmark closet


Show your style! Having a closet that's unique to you and your style will appeal to those with similar taste. Staying true to your personal style in your cover shots can be as easy as using something as a accent piece or modeling the item yourself. Mixing in other pieces from your closet can be a fun way to show potential buyers how they could wear the pieces. These definitely aren't necessary things, as a great covershot can be simple as the one's shown above. The important thing is finding what works for you, your business plan, and your happiness! Below are a few covershots for reference where I showed my style. 


Okay, maybe not perfect, but practice definitely yields results over time. Don't beat yourself up if your photos aren't where you want them to be. You will get there. Just keep going. If something doesn't work for you try something else. When you find what works keep doing it, sharpen your skills, and improve. No one starts out as a pro at anything in the beginning. My photos use to be pretty terrible... I mean really really bad... see my progression over the last 2 years below. 


When doing styled flat lays it can be really easy to get carried away. Before you know it you've got a 5 piece outfit, accessories, shoes, a magazine, a small house plant, a pineapple and the neighbor's chihuahua in the shot. It's important that the item you are selling is the focal point of the covershot. Most shoppers are visual shoppers. They are drawn to the image first. You want the potential buyer to be able to immediately tell what you're selling and I'm pretty sure your neighbors would be pissed to see you exploiting Peanut on the interwebs. 


My last and MOST IMPORTANT tip is do what works for you! It's okay if you hate flat lays or dress forms creep you out. You don't need a white furry rug or a succulent plant to be successful. All you need is determination and desire (and maybe iced coffee).