One of my biggest challenges when I first started selling on Poshmark was taking photos. I grew up in the myspace generation, awkward angles, duck lips and 75 unflattering filters was the extent of my photography skills (as shown by the hilariously awful covershots below). Below are some common Poshmark Covershot fails from my Poshmark Closet. 

Disclaimer: These photos were taken from listings in my Poshmark closet, any attempt at humor is made at my expense solely.



Poshmark filters can do more harm than good. Remember those mall glamour shots from back in the day? Yeah you know what I'm talking about... these... Poshmark filters can be the same way if you overdo it. 


An overuse of filters can cause the colors of your item to come out dull and muted. I try to leave the filters to my selfies. 


Check out one of my early Poshmark glamour shots...



Don't use another Poshmark seller's photo, especially without their permission. Not only are you misrepresenting the item you are selling but this can hurt your reputation as a seller. Even if you are re-poshing the item, it's always best to take new photos.


 There's no guarantee that the item you purchased is still in the same condition now as it was when the last seller photographed it. The potential buyer has no guarantee of the authenticity or condition of the item you are selling without seeing a photo that you took.


Also your photos can assist you if you ever have a case opened against you. 

(*Photo Source unknown, apologies to the poshmark seller that I stole this from back in the day. I hope you earned more for the dress than me. )



This covershot won the award for "Most Awkward Angle" as well as honorable mention for "Most likely to be Returned." First off, why is this shirt laying in this position?? Is it going through a bad break up? Maybe it had a stressful day. Don't act like you've never laid in the kitchen floor after a break up or a bad day. I'm just assuming the shiny details at the neckline are tears, not rhinestones. 


Also why is there a random shoe just hanging around? And where is the other shoe? I have so many questions.


Flat Lay Tip: Don't do this. Also, try shooting from directly above the item for a better angle. 



Those who know me IRL (or in real life for those of us over 30), know I am Domestically Challenged. It's just who I am. Think of June Cleaver, then imagine the opposite of her --- that's me. So one could only assume that I don't know how to use an iron, and honestly I am fairly intimidated by it. 


I finally invested in a steamer (actually I traded a co-worker a pair of crocs for a steamer), but in the beginning I didn't really care, shown by this photo.


A little presentation can go a long way. I'm honestly shocked these sold and also a little embarrassed that this moment has been documented.



This walk down Poshmark memory lane is just filled with awesomely bad surprises.


When taking a covershot lighting is one of the most important factors.


Poshmark tip: Use natural lighting if it's available. It's free, takes up no additional space, and can be used anywhere. Practice taking your photos in different areas of your home, during different times of the day, to find what works best for you. 



This one looks better, but there is still one issue. What the heck am I trying to sell? Is it the jeans? The sweater? The cheetah print flats with the damaged insole? I don't even know and I took the picture.


Judging by the fact that I remember tossing the shoes, there's a 50% chance it's the sweater. Styled flat lays are all the rage on pinterest and instagram, (or as my older co-worker says - Pinstagram) but on Poshmark you want your buyer to know what you are selling within a few seconds of seeing your covershot.


Poshmark tip: Let the item you are selling be the focal point of the photo. Put the other items slightly out of frame of the shot or use them as accents. 



This one may be the most impressive covershot fail I've ever seen. And yes, the item sold, for a whole $4.


I'm not sure where to start with this one. I could have saved myself so much time and just posted this photo for every caption on this page.


Also, notice how I only posted one photo... I bet the buyer was presently surprised when she didn't receive a dirty, faded, track suit, like the one that appears in my covershot. She probably rated me and left the comment 'Better than the pictures online,' aka a commonly used phrase that was used to describe me during my online dating days.