There's nothing better than iced tea, a bbq sandwich and hair that's higher than my standards. No really, Texas is great, and I'm not just saying that because I live here. There's so many great things to do in Dallas check out this articlefrom the Crazy Tourist for some inspiration. The thrifting is also amazing. Dallas is my go-to thrift area and where I source at least 80% of my inventory, most months. The Dallas Observer has this awesome article of the best thrift spots in Dallas, I've been to a few of these locations and can vouch for it's accuracy. 


There's just something about being around a bunch of other like-minded people, who enjoy the same things you do. I loved meeting the people that I had made connections with online at Poshfest. Plus how awesome is it to find people that will listen to you go on and on about Poshmark without secretly judging you. (Photo: Olesya and I)


Yes, it's totally okay to fan girl (or fan guy) out and ask for a selfie with Amanda (poshmark's marketing lady and lover of all things pineapple) or Manish. Don't forget the IT team too! They are the heroes behind the scenes. Last year they had a booth you could drop by and give them suggestions on ways to improve the app. (Photo: Manish and my fiancee Gary Mike)


This is a great time to meet other Poshers and show off your closet! Don't forget to order plenty of business cards with your info ahead of time to hand out to other poshers. 


Poshmark usually announces new features and changes that are coming to the app during Poshfest. Want to be the first to know the dets? Pack your bags and come to Texas! Check out the features that were announced last year here. If you attend this year's Poshfest, drop by and give the engineering team a huge thank you for all their hardwork! 


I learned so much from other poshers at last year's event. Hearing tips and advice from real poshmrk sellers in the community was a priceless experience. From learning about different methods of inventory storage, to branding my business, to learning about how to utilize social media, the panels are truly informative and helpful to any level of posher.  There were also Closet Consultations set up during last year's event where pre-selected Poshers (including myself) did Closet Reviews. 


All of your favorite poshers and PFFS in one location??? Hell to the yes. Meeting up with all you PFFs and exchange war stories, sourcing tips, and talk about all the everyday posh-life stuff is such a rewarding experience. Don't have any PFFS? That's okay too, you'll make them during the event!


Do I really need to explain this one? I know a few people started planning their outfits before they even purchased their ticket, no judgement here... No clue what to wear? No worries! I got you covered --- check back later this week for a special post on what to wear for Poshfest!


Who doesn't love free swag??? Last year's swag bag included a t-shirt, posh pencils, sticker, earrings, sunglasses, postcards and lots of other goodies... and snacks...did I mention snacks?? 


Last year I walked away with a better understanding of my business and myself. It's crazy how much a 2-day event can change your life, as well as your perspective. Not only did I gain knowledge that helped level up my business, but I gained the confidence and motivation I needed to crush my goals. Whether you're a new posher, a seasoned posher, full-time, part-time or even a potential posher, there's something for you in the event. Needing some extra inspiration and Posh Love? Watch last year's Community Video.