Often times my photos turn out dull and aren’t as white and crisp as I want. Honestly I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my photos and I really want the items in my listing (or at least the covershot) to look professional and clear. Lately I have been using the Snapseed app to adjust my photos and get that bright, white background without washing the item itself out or creating an overexposed looked.


First download the Snapseed app, it’s totally free on the iphone, you can find it here.


Next open the photo that you want to edit using the “open” tab in the top left hand corner.


Select the Tools Option


Choose the Selective tool

(the selective tool is used for selective editing using brightness, contrast and color saturation adjustments in the areas that you tap on the photo)


Tap the area that you want to adjust

Notice the B will adjust the Brightness of the area (you can also adjust color saturation and contrast)


Continue until you’ve completed the entire photo.


Slide your finger to the left or right to adjust the brightness of that specific area

(the left with turn the brightness down, the right will turn it up)


Adjust the overall brightness, if necessary, by going back to tools and selecting “Tune Image”

I like to do this on black or darker items so that you can see the item a little better, be careful, turning the brightness up too much can create an over exposed effect.


Select Brightness and slide your finger to right (to brighten) or left (to darker) until you are satisfied with the image.


The image on the left is before any additional brightness adjustment and looks nice, but to me I don’t feel like it accurately represents this item and I want the color to be as true as possible. (the boots are NOT a deep black like the left photo in real life). The middle photo is with the brightness up much higher, the item looks overexposed and faded. The fair right is with the overall Brightness adjusted a small amount, this is the photo that best represents the item and shows the condition well.



I used the Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio to photograph these boots for this tutorial. Click here to purchase.